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Appreciation Awards 2018

Posted on: 09 September 2018

The Appreciation Awards where hosted to celebrate the achievement of our Muslim in the Local community. Many students completed various courses and we celebrated their achievement in the Mosque.

Congratulations to those who graduated from University; to those who completed the memorisation of the Quran; to those who completed their ‘Aalim Studies; to those who completed their iSyllabus foundation course. May Allah make you great representatives of Islam, Ameen.

Our thanks to the Brother Hosni, the great Egyptian Quran reciter; to Dr Musharref Hussain Al-Azhari for rekindling the love of the Quran in our hearts (with his beautiful Quran Translation; The Majestic Quran); to Shaykh Aminul Hasanat Shah for speaking about the importance of wisdom and facilitating ease for people; to Shaykh Hassan for hosting it; to Maulana Rabbani Sahib and Dr Adrees Sahib for organising and hosting it.... but more importantly thanks to you all for attending.

This event was attended by both brothers and sisters and awards were given to both brothers and sisters.