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Faith leaders attend Scriptural Reasoning Event

Posted on: 13 January 2020

This is a quarterly get together at the St John’s (Catholic) Church in Portobello. Situated at 3 Sandford Gardens, this makes it a perfect setting for discussing scripture whilst overlooking the beautiful Sandford Gardens. The purpose of this meeting for the different faith leaders to come together to discuss the challenges and global issues. This is followed by the reading of the Jewish, Christian and Muslim scriptures. In attendance was Imam Hassan Rabbani (Muslim Chaplain at Heriot Watt University & Imam of Zia-Ul-Quran Mosque), Rev Dr Sophia Marriage (St Mark’s Scottish Episcopal Church), Rev Dr Stewart Weaver (Portobello & Joppa Parish Church, Church of Scotland).

This is not the first time these four leaders have come together. They have been meeting regularly for the past year and have also organised two other events for the public.

In this particular meeting, Father Jock kindly welcomed them all with a warm smile and cup of tea. The faith leaders caught up on what was happening and some of their challenges. Father Jock is soon to travel to Malawi, whilst Shaykh Hassan will travel to Bulgaria.

The scriptural reasoning was about Abraham’s journey. The texts from the various scriptures can be accessed here. There was stimulating discussion about the role of Prophet Abraham in the three faiths. Shaykh Hassan gave further readings to the faith leaders, so they can fully understand and appreciate the Quranic context of Prophet Abraham. These supplementary readings can be accessed here: Quran_Readings.pdf abrahams_journeys.pdf

After the vibrant discussion it was time to set the date for next meeting. The faith leaders bade each other farewell.


Faith leaders together smiling after their meeting this week on Monday

Shaykh Hassan meeting Father Jock for the first time in 2017, alongside Dr Qureshi


Some friends of Shaykh Hassan visiting Father Jock in May, 2018

Faith leaders meeting in March 2019 for a meal and discussion

First Event of ,In Conversation with An Imam' with Shaykh Hassan at Joppa Parish Church. June, 2019

Faith Leaders together after the first event

Second Event, 'In Conversation with an Imam' with Shaykh Hassan & Imam Mansoor in December 2019

Faith Leaders together after the event.

Father Jock attending a Muslim Event on the Life of Prophet Muhammad in Glasgow. He spoke at the event and the audience really enjoyed his talk. His reflections can be viewed here